Sun Bed

Sun bed 10 sessions R 550.00

Sun bed R 75.00 per session


Better-Looking Skin

Most people think that they look better with a tan, and some make it a habit to tan regularly in order to sustain darker skin. Many people also use tanning as a way to improve their acne. Using a tanning bed regularly will dry up the oils in your skin, which will help reduce the acne caused by oily skin. Any existing acne scars are also less detectable in darker skin. Like everything else in life – a sunbed should be used in moderation.


Tanning beds are really the only practical way for people to get a tan when they live in an area with a colder climate. It is also difficult for people to get a natural tan if they work a standard nine-to-five shift, because the sun's rays are less direct and less effective at producing a tan during non-work hours. A quick 10- to 15-minute tanning session before or after work is much more convenient than trying to bask in the sun for several hours every day.

Vacation Preparation

Many people use tanning beds to get a small base tan before they go on vacation to a place where they will be exposed to a lot of sun. Melanin is what gives your skin a darker color, and it also protects your skin from the sun's rays. Moderate amounts of UV rays can trigger your skin to produce more melanin without burning or damaging it. By getting a moderate tan before going on vacation, you reduce the chance of spending your vacation looking and feeling terrible because of a severe sunburn.


Many people are embarrassed to show their skin when it is pale white. Another good thing about tanning beds is that nobody is around to heckle you about your pale skin while you're getting your first tan of the summer. After you get a base tan, you can then go to the beach and not have to worry about everyone staring at your pale skin.

Vitamin D

When UV rays reach our skin, it causes D-related hormones in our skin to react and turn into vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for keeping your bones, teeth, and joints healthy. Vitamin D comes from few foods such as fortified milk and cold-water fish, so it is important that you either make it a point to consume vitamin D foods on a regular basis or expose your skin to UV radiation. A 10-minute session in a tanning bed each day will give enough UV radiation to cause your body to produce sufficient vitamin D.

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