PedicureEver wondered what is the importance of pedicure in your life? Clean, beautiful feet are enough to impress anyone! People notice your feet and shoes and leave an immediate impression on the one who is noticing them. Beautiful feet go with following a simple and easy routine of pedicure. Pedicure is a treatment available at Spa Beau where your feet are cleaned, nails manicured and you’re given a relaxing massage. In short, a mesmerizing treat to your feet and body which will bring you alive once again.

The whole experience is great. Your foot massage relaxes your feet muscles and increases blood circulation whereas your dead skin is also removed and exfoliated. Your feet are all even-toned and there are no dark patches left because the polishing and scrub makes your feet look fairer and glowing. Your nails are thoroughly cleaned. Using a filer, your nails are given a particular shape that is similar to your natural shape and then your feet are given a moisturizing massage that would make them look younger.


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