Full body massageWhen researching various types of massage therapy, it is important to notice that certain methods focus on just one part of the body, such as the head or back, whilst other techniques focus on the whole body. By having a full body massage, the potential for redistribution of tension from untreated areas is eliminated and beneficial effects are therefore likely to be longer-lasting.

Relaxation and relief from tension and stress are often experienced following a full body massage. Blood circulation is increased and drainage from the lymphatic system is improved.

A full body massage usually takes place in a warm room and soft music is often played to aid the relaxation process. On average, treatment sessions tend to last for 60 – 90 minutes. It is also important to allow time for relaxation both before and after the treatment for maximum benefits. The Jacuzzi can assist in this relaxation process. Clients are required to undress to their level of comfort, lie on a specially designed table and cover themselves with a towel. The practitioner will then enter the room and begin working on the client, only uncovering parts of the body as they are worked on. This serves two purposes: the client will remain warm and their modesty will be protected.

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